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Connected Services Solutions

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Driving the future

Leading the way with intelligent telematics, big data and connected services, Bosch is working towards a truly integrated driving experience. Compliant with manufacturers the world over, our scalable services represent a new framework for connected mobility.


No matter what the automotive requirement, Bosch smart telematics can be adapted to any enterprise and manufacturer. Innovative, beneficial and forward-facing, our products work to actively improve people’s lives.


The Bosch IoT suite gives drivers and fleet owners access to a full spectrum of efficiency-enhancing devices and cloud-based services. All customer data is handled properly and securely using the latest protective mechanisms.


Our market-ready, affordable software solutions are already meeting the needs of modern-day transport. Be it integrated security mechanisms or live diagnostics on driver behavior and fuel consumption, each service operates with future efficiency in mind.

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Intuitive, sophisticated and entirely customizable to your needs, our digital solutions are used worldwide for predictive services and optimal productivity.
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Useful downloads


EC Declaration of Conformity

Ensure the compliance of all products are in compliance with your requirements.

Icon download Download the declaration

Installation Manual

Learn everything you need to know about installing the Bosch Vehicle Link 5100 (multi-language).

Icon download Download our manual

Open Source Manifesto

Bosch related open source software is subject to OSS licensing agreements of all copyright holders as listed below.

Icon download Download the files

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