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Connected Services Solutions

Smartening up the future of driving

Smartening up the future of driving

Did you know?

14 billion devices

will be connected by 2020

Smart apps to upgrade the driving experience

For a fleet to fulfill its full potential, it’s not just the in-car technology that helps. Your phone plays a key role in the efficiency overhaul too.

Bosch is more than just a leader in cutting-edge automotive technology; we’re synchronizing management platforms too. Via an indispensable new portfolio of smartphone apps, drivers and business owners alike can enjoy greater transparency, insights and support during every journey.

Compatible with all devices, each free or paid-for app can be instantly downloaded so drivers and fleet operators can receive updates on anything from fuel consumption and costs, to the performance, health or accident status of each vehicle – even when they’re out on the road.

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Be your own technician with the Bosch CAP App

Slip into the role of technician with an app that puts you in diagnostic control to make simple repairs at your convenience. Using cutting-edge augmented reality, the app lets fleets assess the health of each vehicle and shares info screens with instructional diagrams. It even offers an ‘X-ray’ function to let you discover possible faults behind your own dashboard – then guides you to autonomously fix them.
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Never miss a speed limit again

Detect speed limits and cancellation signs together with their constraint signs with myDriveAssist. Simply download onto any smartphone device and enjoy total peace of mind as the app warns in case of upcoming speed limits.
Thanks to the country-specific speed limit detection myDriveAssist can offer you an optimal support in different countries. Choose among several supported countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, United Kingdom and others. The app will automatically be fit to the country-specific speed limit signs to guarantee an optimal detection.
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Putting the fun back into your driving performance

Fun2Drive puts the data in your hands, with a series of functions that facilitate live viewing including Vehicle Speed, Engine power, Fuel Consumption and even comparisons between real performances versus rated performances. It’s a game-changer for individuals and fleet owners alike, where synchronized screen shares help to centralize data for greater transparency around driver behavior and productivity levels in general.
It means an end to costly fuel prices and those last-minute searches for repair shops that cut the efficiency of enterprises in half. Instead, each app is designed to make mobility safe and productivity high.
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